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Furrow & Seam

Friday & Saturday Evening Furrow

Sunday Furrow

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The Furrow – all week, Friday & Saturday Evenings there are additional dishes
The Seam – Wednesday to Saturday Lunch; Wednesday to Thursday Evening

Our menu names may seem a little unusual, and although we know some of our guests will be well versed in ancient ploughing terms, why we chose them as titles may allude you!

We have always had three menus at the Plough, in different forms over the years. Our main menu is the heart of everything we do, and always has been. It is the starting point for the Plough and for our kitchen, and so it is only right that this should be called ‘The Furrow’ which to the uninitiated is the trench cut by the plough and therefore the purpose of the machine. This term also pays homage to our name and the ancient farmland we inhabit.

We have also always had our ‘blackboard menu’ so-called as for many years it was written up on the blackboard. The board has long gone so it seems silly to keep calling it that. The purpose of this menu was to provide alternative dishes using the off-cuts from our main menu. We continue the tradition and skill of preparing as much of our carefully sourced produce as possible on site. This means our chefs become skilled in butchery, bakery, fish preparation, and making stocks and sauces from scratch. The by-products of this process are all equally delicious, and as an ethical business we believe in making use of everything to reduce wastage, particularly animal products. This menu therefore reflects and acts in tandem with ‘The Furrow’. In keeping with the theme, we decided ‘The Seam’ was the right fit – this being the Plough vernacular for the trough between the sod, which is the cut and lifted soil to create the furrow. Good seams should be neatly pressed close to stop seeds falling in, reflecting the time and effort our chefs put into this menu.

Finally, the ‘ins and outs’ are our snacks and lighter dishes. This is food designed to be a tasty bite with a glass of wine or a pint. ‘Ins and outs’ are the point at which the plough enters and exits the field at the headland, and so perhaps the first and last word of what The Plough is about.