Call 01234 376274
MK44 2EX


  • have completed a thorough risk assessments using current Government Guidelines and will continue to review this yearly or if the Government advise changes.
  • have consulted with our team and they are trained to look after you and their colleagues
  • will ensure our supervisors monitor safe practices before, throughout and after your visit

Our team…

  • are trained to self-assess before coming into work
  • provide temperature checks on arrival at work
  • hand wash and sanitise regularly
  • clean and sanitise all hard contact surfaces regularly throughout the day
  • are trained to keep the environment clean and safe for everyone

Your reservation…

  • opening days and times do change through the year so that we can look after the welfare of our team. Please check our current opening times.
  • will need to be made in advance whether you are eating or drinking; we are sorry we cannot be as relaxed as we were, we have limited standing space in the bar but do have plenty of outside space although this is weather dependant
  • we are not always able to look after ‘walk in tables’ all our tables can be booked in advance. However bookings can be made on the day if space allows.
  • you can make an online booking; If you can’t see availability, do call Wednesday to Saturday 9.30am until 5.00pm, there will be someone here to help
  • there will be an option to book an area; we can guarantee an area, we cannot guarantee a particular table
  • outside tables cannot be pre booked due to unpredictable weather, however we will accept enquiries on the day.
  • we will take card details to confirm reservations. Your card will only be charged if you do not show up for your table or you give us so little notice that we are not able to resell.  Your card details are kept safe by ‘Stripe’ on our behalf

If you need to cancel or amend your reservation please go online

or call us on 01234 376274

If you should have any Covid-19 symptoms please follow government guidelines and call to rearrange your booking

Better when we work together

Your arrival……

  • please be prompt. We have staggered our dining times to avoid queues; we ask that you arrive at the arrival time you have chosen. 
  • If you feel more comfortable you can wear a face mask when entering the building and moving around, you can remove this at your table
  • we will greet you and guide you to your table
  • your table is yours for the duration of your meal; we have allowed time for relaxed drinks and looking at the menu. You can have a drink outside, weather permitting or on a bar table if one is free

Your experience…

  • we will welcome you with a smile and open arms, although we won’t hug you or shake hands, please don’t be offended
  • it will not be mandatory requirement for our team to wear masks or face screens; they are available for those members of our team who are vulnerable or choose to wear one
  • all our tables are spaced appropriately to allow you to relax and feel safe
  • your food menu will be single use and we will ask you to keep hold of them throughout your meal. Our full drinks list is available using a QR code and on the website.
  • basic cutlery will be laid out for you and any cutlery or glasses will be brought your table as required, unless you are a semi private party or private; we will start with disposable single use napkins
  • anything you order will be carefully brought to your table 
  • everything will be cleaned and sanitised, as always
  • we may not be quick, it is not our intention to rush you, if you are in a hurry, please let us know in advance and we will do our very best to help you
  • we can take contactless payments up to £45, or unlimited with Apple Pay. We will sanitise the card machine after each use, and we will also take cash payments

Are we still a pub?

Yes, however….

  • we now have limited bar space, but we are happy to offer table service to anyone who would like to call in for a drink  
  • you can book a bar table or outside table (weather permitting)  for drinks by calling us. We have our ‘Ins and Outs’ (snack menu) on Saturday and Sundays until September
  • it will be table service only for drinks and snacks, please be kind on busy days we will get to you. Why not enjoy the garden?

We ask you to…

  • help us maintain safe distancing,
  • help us keep clean. We have provided hand sanitiser at entrances. Feel free to use it. There are some free small bottles on the bar to use at the table which you can take home.
  • toilets are small spaces please only enter when others have left, if you powder in pairs then you can share the space with people dining at your table.
  • we welcome children; please keep them close to you.


These have been difficult times for everyone, and we would like the Plough to be place where you escape the stresses of these uncertain times to relax and be welcomed with good, old fashioned hospitality. We are anxious to do everything right for you, but may occasionally stumble, please speak to us directly if you are not comfortable with your experience. Call us if you have any feedback that will help us to improve.

Jayne, Martin, Michael and all The Team at The Plough

21 July 2021